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CHLN MEDIA ... is the strategic media partner for the Ball Side Middle Film. CHLN MEDIA provides all marketing and promotions for the BSM project. CHLN oversees the creation of social media content and is the brainchild of Executive Producer, Co-Filmmaker of Ball Side Middle, James "Waiter" Rapelyea.

BASKETBALL WELLNESS INSTITUTE ... is a strategic partner for the BSM project. Ensuring the mind, body and spirit of basketball players is the main objective of BWI. As the story of basketball players from Brooklyn during one of the most prolific era's for NYC basketball is told, BWI provides further insight on how those players can continue "being well."​

BOOTHE GLOBAL SPORTS MEDIA ... is a strategic media partner for the BSM project. BGS owner and CEO, Craig Boothe is the story teller and co-filmmaker for Ball Side Middle. BGS provides media services as well as host events for the basketball community.

WE HOOP... is a movement that offers tournaments, events, clinics, camps and so much more for the entire basketball community. WE HOOP ...heck yeah - all day/every day.